Author: David Bourke

19 Dec Anzac Rising

  There will soon be a tower crane suspended in mid-air over Beach Road in downtown Auckland. It’s the crucial ingredient in building a $40 million, 21-level building on a modest 600m² site, bordering Anzac Avenue, that will ultimately add 9,500m² of living space to the city’s...

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04 Mar Building Materials Revolution

Throughout their lifecycle, building materials are responsible for many adverse environmental issues including illness, squandered embodied energy, pollution, and resource depletion. Living Buildings aim to remove the worst known offending materials and practices and create a built environment that has no negative impact on human...

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01 Mar Laboratory set up for earthquake research

The remains of the PricewaterhouseCoopers building is helping Canterbury University become the world’s leading institution in seismic and structural design research. It was a huge job demolishing the PWC building, while keeping large chunks intact and then transferring them to Canterbury’s University to study them....

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