Laboratory set up for earthquake research


Laboratory set up for earthquake research

Arrow and University of Canterbury set up live laboratory for earthquake research

The remains of the PricewaterhouseCoopers building is helping Canterbury University become the world’s leading institution in seismic and structural design research. It was a huge job demolishing the PWC building, while keeping large chunks intact and then transferring them to Canterbury’s University to study them. It’s the first research project of its kind in the world – researchers can actually examine the stresses placed on the building, how this affected the building and then work out how this knowledge can then be used to improve structure and material design for the future.

According to Arrow Project Manager Jan Geesink, the research and data taken from the PWC building will help with the design and construction of new, more resilient and safer buildings in the future.

“We’re all navigating our way through this new seismic era. The investment in research we can do now will benefit the whole construction industry in New Zealand. We want to see the University continue to lead the world in seismic and structural design research. Arrow is committed to keeping up with the latest seismic technology. We have worked with the University in the past on LVL timber and seismic methodology and this was just another way we could help the University to develop this important research further.”