Resort development boosts Niue’s tourism industry

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Resort development boosts Niue's tourism industry




Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) & Government of Niue


Niue Island, Pacific

Tourism & Hotels
About This Project


To develop tourism as a sustainable industry for the tiny island of Niue Arrow was tasked with developing the Matavai resort to increase room capacity, build a new visitors centre and upgrade walking tracks and viewing points.


Unique Aspects

Arrow employed and up-skilled local contractors wherever possible. There is only one flight to Niue per week and only one boat every six weeks. This meant that the logistics of each project had to be managed stringently to ensure all overseas contractors and construction supplies reach the island when they were supposed to. Working conditions included cyclones and an average temperature of 33˚C with high humidity. With limited communication, unreliable internet and telephones, Arrow created alternative systems and processes to document each project and to communicate with consultants back in New Zealand.

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This project was completed on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

With only one boat a month coming to the island, you can't just order new materials so you need a resourceful team with a can-do attitude who think on their feet. Tony Dodds, Arrow Project Manager

Tony Dodds
Arrow Project Manager