Plant & Food Research upgrade their Mt. Albert campus

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Plant & Food Research upgrade their Mt. Albert campus


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About This Project

Plant & Food Research’s Mt Albert site is the largest of the company’s 14 New Zealand sites and home to around 300 staff. As Head Office, the site also contains many of the administrative functions for the business.

Plant and Food Research decided to re-purpose two major buildings at their Mt. Albert Auckland Campus. The largest building on the campus is the seven-storey Hamilton Building which is undergoing significant remediation work while remaining fully operational, giving the Arrow team access to only two floors at a time. This commercial redevelopment project is scheduled to be completed by December 2017

The Cunningham Building also underwent redevelopment work that converted office and storage space into new social and formal meeting areas. This building is situated at the heart of the campus and works were completed over the 2014/15 summer period.

Unique Aspects

Stripping the rabbit warren of small offices in the Cunningham building to reveal the building’s art deco shell was highly complex. The internal and external demolition required our team to follow strict procedures as we removed asbestos contaminated material.

Both buildings have been seismically strengthened 10 100% of NBS by running reinforcing steel vertically from the basement, through each floor slab to connect with the roof, and then the internal face of all external walls were sprayed with up t0 200mm of concrete.

The 5000m2 7-storey Hamilton building is being fully refurbished from the top-down, including extensive removal of asbestos, full roof replacement and complete replacement of the front façade. Due to it being within an operational environment only two floors can be worked on at one time.

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The Redevelopment marks a major investment in the site intended to modernise lab and office spaces as well as develop conference facilities on-site.