One of the most significant construction projects in New Zealand’s History

Southern Response

One of the most significant construction projects in New Zealand's history


Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd (NZ Government)





Government, Residential
About This Project


Southern Response is the government-owned company responsible for settling an estimated $3 billion in earthquake claims involving AMI policyholders for Canterbury earthquake damage which occurred before 5 April 2012 (the date AMI’s day to day insurance business was sold to IAG). Arrow has been appointed as Southern Response’s agent to undertake damage assessments to AMI policyholders’ properties, scoping and cost estimating of the necessary repair / rebuild work, and the project management of subsequent construction works. Our largest contract to date, Arrow’s Christchurch Team has experienced exponential growth to manage this demand, increasing the skill base to over 150 people.


Unique Aspects

Fast mobilisation is critical in the current Christchurch environment. Existing networks within the Canterbury supply chain and knowledge of local conditions have enabled us to hit the ground running on this mammoth project. With such a huge volume of work to deliver in a short timeframe, a strong focus on safety and quality is more important than ever. Poor close out of jobs is damaging to both the Southern Response brand and hugely costly so meticulous planning and execution are essential.

Arrow has and is still leading the way with the level and depth of environmental management systems and I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your colleagues for ‘stepping up’ and showing other industry groups that environmental management not only can, but should be incorporated into all work programmes."