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Te Ao Marama - "The New Dawn" Stand Childrens services

We stand together to transform lives


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About This Project

This project is one of a kind. Never before has an ‘all-in-one building’ social services facility been constructed that includes a three level therapeutic care, respite and education facility, accommodation, a commercial kitchen, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, educational spaces, and operational areas for staff. The Arrow team were involved from the outcome of the brief and took on responsibility for all aspects of the design, procurement, pre-construction, construction and integration.


Unique Aspects

Working in partnership with STAND childrens services to overcome challenges and ensure the building was constructed in a way that would be functional enough to ensure long-term usability; open and clear lines of communication with all stakeholders to establish the right balance between time, functionality, aesthetics and cost.

A no excuses approach was engaged, if an option was too expensive, we found another way, no excuses."

Gordon McGregor, Project Manager
Arrow International