Learning centre takes students on a journey to success

Whitireia Learning Centre

Learning centre takes students on a journey to success




Whitireia Community Polytechnic






Winner of the Metro Glasstech Awards for Architecture 2005, NZIA Resene Local Award for Architecture.

About This Project

A new 2,115m² two level integrated learning centre, housing two classrooms, a café, a training room, five meeting rooms, library and office space for 28 staff.

Designed to evoke a waka in a waka house ready to be launched into the harbour, the building provides a strong focal point at the centre of the Whitireia Campus. A two-storey curved glass wall runs along the entire length of the building. These glasspanels lean out and are skewed, with the window mullions on a 5 degree angle, evoking the curved hull of a waka. The waka was selected as the inspiration for the building as it reflects the journey students will take towards learning.

This was Whitireia’s first major project following the development of the master plan for the future development of the campus. Arrow facilitated the Master Planning and project and construction management services.


Unique Aspects

The building incorporates a number of sustainable design features, including a passive ventilation system based on natural air movement. The underfloor heating is turned on at night, and the thermal mass in the concrete walls and floors help maintain a constant temperature throughout the day. Stormwater run off from the roof is caught and fed into a pond on the north and east sides of the building.