Safety Wingman Campaign


Safety Wingman Campaign

Taking Safety to New Heights

On Friday 28th July the Arrow Wellington team launched the Safety Wingman Campaign – a Health & Safety campaign Arrow is jointly running with Wellington Airport (WIAL) as part of the development of the $36m Rydges hotel.

The Safety Wingman Campaign is taking safety to new heights to help keep everyone who works on the project safe and able to go home to their families and friends at the end of each working day.

Throughout the project we are running different initiatives each month for the subcontractors to increase their awareness of Health & Safety on site.

As the Safety Ambassador Jamie Fitzgerald from Inspiring Performance is playing a key role in this great campaign. Jamie’s passion for safety has helped the success of two previous campaigns and we are excited to have Jamie on board.

“Being a part of something that leaves a legacy is a great feeling, and for people in the building industry, that’s the job description! For the Wingman Safety campaign, it’s also about role modelling how having safety as the backbone of the project and relationship between client and contractor, the best possible outcomes are achieved.

For me, safety is 100% about ‘performance’. It’s not some bolted-on process, or a box-ticking exercise before the actual job begins. Safety is simply the smarter way of working that reduces downtime, increases productivity, and creates teams that are more engaged because they know that their contribution and wellbeing is valued. When I’m climbing a mountain, walking to the South Pole or rowing oceans, if you’re not looking out for yourself and others, it could be game over. In fact, the biggest risk in my team is when people stop thinking and talking about the risks! 

There is another reason why I’m inspired by the Wingman campaign. Wellington Airport (WIAL) are equally passionate about all site staff getting home safely each day – and working with Arrow to make it happen. This sends a message to other clients of construction contractors, and I hope this leads to a real appreciation of safety when tendering decisions are being made by others in the future. After all, if you don’t know what you stand for, you’ll fall for anything!”

Please watch our great induction video below to learn more about the importance of Awareness, Equipment and Team work.